About Us

C3 is an intuitive post trade web-based solution that is fast to deliver, easy to connect and can increase your Operational efficiency by 30 per cent. We understand that the post-trade processing environment is complex with a wide range of processes, systems and relationships that need to be managed at all times. C3 brings together operational and technical experts to deliver the technology services needed to help your team provide outstanding operational performance.

C3 is based on 3 principles:

These principles, underpin the service streams we deliver:

You Book

You capture trades into your books and records system.

We Match

We provide intraday matching of your trade economics across multiple asset classes, from initial transaction booking through to affirmed or confirmed state.

We Rec

We reconcile your positions, balances and activity, financing and valuations every day on demand, or according to your schedule.

We Track

We track the lifecycle of your trades with a traceable audit trail across: pre and post settlement fails, corporate action processing, regulatory reporting, checklists and data depository.

Showing the relationship between you, C3's services and your world

We are a privately owned company, with offices in London and Auckland, founded in 2003 by our current management team, led by Rob Denham, Ashley Helm and Paul Gill.


Rob Denham
Partner – Business Development

Ashley Helm
Partner – Technology

Paul Gill
Partner – Client Service